Mustique Blues Festival

Mustique Blues Festival

Once a year, BASIL’S BAR becomes The House of Blues for two weeks. The Mustique Blues Festival is the brainchild of Basil Charles, Proprietor of Basil’s Bar on Mustique and his long standing friend Dana Gillespie who was visiting from London. Following a well received blues rendition at a Jump up night at Basil’s Bar Dana promised Basil “a true blues festival, if he would only get a proper piano”.
Basil rose to the challenge and purchased the piano hence the first Blues Festival in 1995, an event which to date has been held for twenty (20) years at the world renowned BASIL’S BAR.

The famous Basil Bar, Mustique Island. Photo credit:

Undoubtedly, this festival, which is held January / February, is one of the world’s premier music events which should be a priority for visitors to the Caribbean. This event, combined with the beautiful blue seas and powdery white sand beaches will indeed create a memorable experience.
In 2016 the festival will be held from 20th January 2016 to 03rd February, 2016.

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All proceeds from The Mustique Blues Festival are generously donated to the Basil Charles Educational Foundation (BCEF), which provides educational assistance to students in St Vincent and the Grenadines through scholarships and bursaries.THE BCEF began in 1995, with Basil’s plan to raise money to help send children to school who could not afford all of the extra costs. Basil began to build his world famous Mustique Blues Festival channeling all proceeds from The Festival, the sale of the CD’s and other donations to this worthy cause.

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